7 Khoon Maaf Screensaver


New 7 Wonders 3D Screensaver v.  v.1 1

Do you remember the 'old' 7 Wonders of the World? It is very sad to know that most of those magnificent places don't exist anymore. Did you follow the nominations and final results of the so-called 'New 7 Wonders'?

New 7 Wonders 3D Screensaver

The New 7 Wonders Free 3D Screensaver will familiarize you with all 21 candidates for New 7 Wonders of the World Features: Screensaver is 3D and animated Displaying the information about all candidates for New 7 Wonders, showing theirs


Paathshaala - MOVIE SCREENSAVER  v.1.00

paathshaala - MOVIE SCREENSAVER - is a very interesting screensaver,it was designed for the movie paathshaala made in India.The screensaver presents us the leading actors from the movie.

Chala Mussaddi Office Office Movie  v.1.0

CHALA MUSSADDI OFFICE OFFICE initially seems like watching the serial Office Office on the big screen. It takes some time for the actual story to start. But once it does, you are completely involved with Mussaddi's crusade against corruption.

Auto Web View Screensaver  v.4 8

Do you surf through a lot of web pages at the same time? Do you need a way to browse them easily? Auto Web View Screensaver will show all your important web pages on your screen.

Earth from Cosmos Screensaver  v.1 1

The Earth from Cosmos Screensaver shows images of our planet. On your display: Best cosmic pictures of the Earth, a view of mainlands and countries, magic images of atmosphere. The screen saver includes a 30 amazing images. All Pictures in resolution

Armed Forces Screensaver  v.1 3

This Screensaver shows images of Army of the USA and NATO. On your desktop: Armed Forces on land, in air and on water. Amongst images such - soldiers, tank, heavy artillery, jets in flight(F15,F18,E3Awacs, Blue Angels ) and others.

AllSaver Screensaver Manager  v.1.0

Create a slideshow display of multiple screen savers. Set a duration time for each screen saver,

Transparent Screen Lock  v.2.10

Do you have the experience that your unfinished important document was closed unsaved by someone accidentally or unwittingly? We all don't like snoopers who are always prying into our e-mail messages, programs, data, files, etc.

Papier Peint Plus!  v.4.0

Use your own images as background wallpaper on your computer desktop. Have special images on your display in the background at all times, and cycle through them automatically, while you work unimpeded in the foreground.

Active Media Player Screen Saver  v.3 20

Active Media Player Screen Saver is definitely here to stay. Many people do not consider it a 'Pro' media player, but with this software, probably they will change their minds. Would you like to watch live stream video on your PC?

Webcam Screen Saver  v.2 51

Would you like to check out what is happening in other parts of the world? How about watching a beach in Brazil, or the streets of New York? Webcam Screen Saver brings the world to your desktop.

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